Regina Public Library FAQ

Regina Public Library Frequently Asked Questions

Temporary layoffs

How will I know what is happening at RPL?

Jeff Barber will continue to provide messaging to all staff that will also be sent to laid off employees’ personal email addresses as provided on their lay off declaration forms.

What should I do if I have library property (fob, keys, laptop, equipment, etc.)?

You can hold onto it.  If you do not want it in your possession, you can make arrangements with your manager or directly with IT to return it.

Am I going to get my job back?

This is a temporary layoff. RPL will contact employees either by phone or their personal email if they are to be recalled back to work at any time during or at the end of this temporary layoff.

If you are on a term and the end date falls during the lay off period, you will return to your permanent position.  If you have no permanent position, your employment will end on that term end date (as was in your original letter of offer)If there is time left on your term when the layoff is over, you will return to that term position.

How long will the temporary layoffs last?

Under current provincial labour law, employees may only be temporarily laid off for 12 weeks in 16, therefore this temporary layoff may last up to 12 weeks.  If conditions and health directives do not change, or get worse, and the rules for temporary layoffs change, it is possible this layoff may be extended.

What happens if I get sick while I am out on lay off and receiving CERB?

If you are feeling sick, contact the health line at 811 or your family physician for advice on whether you should be tested for Covid-19. You can also take the online self-assessment at

Being sick during your lay off will not impact anything with RPL.  If you are sick at the point of recall and are unable to start work on your recall date, you will still be reinstated but will have to use sick leave to cover any absence.



For those of us that do not qualify for CERB, do we qualify for the RPL Supplementary income? If I don’t qualify, is there something else I do to qualify?

RPL is providing top up payments to those that qualify as a supplement to CERB based on the assumption that they receive their primary income from RPL.  If you do not qualify for CERB you will not receive any RPL top up payment, however, if you currently receive RPL benefits, they will continue during the lay off.

What other income may be considered employment income while on CERB?

Because this is a matter outside the control of RPL, we strongly recommend you contact Service Canada about this. This will also be addressed during the FAQ sessions with Service Canada on May.

When should I apply for CERB? Can I do it right away or wait until June 1? If I can do it right away are payments automatically calculated from the first day of my layoff?

You cannot apply until you are unemployed or laid off.  The reason for this is because CERB applications are processed automatically, therefore, you may be receiving CERB benefits that you are not entitled to until after the lay off.

Is there further information to support me in applying for CERB?

We have arranged two sessions with Service Canada on May 26th & 27th for staff who have received lay off notices to learn about the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) and how to apply.  These sessions will provide an opportunity for employees to ask questions.

All employees who have received a lay off notice will receive an email from Human Resources about these sessions.  If you haven’t received this email, please contact Human Resources.

Employees can also contact Service Canada directly at 1-833-699-0299

Does the layoff affect my eventual retirement eligibility date and if so, how? At this point, is there a calculable date for my retirement and if so, what is it?

In general, if you continue your contributions there will be no impact, and if you suspend your contributions during the lay off your retirement eligibility date will be pushed out the amount of time of the lay off.  If you are starting to plan for your retirement or have other questions, we strongly suggest you contact Mobius (the Civic Pension Plan administrators) to confirm things and get answers to your questions.  You can reach Mobius at 306-777-7402.



Why is RPL laying off staff temporarily?

As you are aware, our response to the COVID-19 virus has required us to close our branches and limit the kinds of services we can provide to the community. We don’t know when we will be fully open again, but we know it won’t begin until later phases of the Re-Open Saskatchewan plan.

Unfortunately, this has created the need to move forward with employee lay offs.

I have been laid off. How do I apply for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB)?

Apply on Service Canada’s Website:

  1. Click on Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB)
  2. Scroll down to “Get Started” to answer the questions
  3. Follow the instructions: you will be asked a few questions and will be directed to either the Canada Revenue Agency or Service Canada website.

What if I don’t have internet access to apply for CERB online?

Contact an agent at Service Canada at 1-833-699-0299 or CRA at 1-800-959-2019 or 1-800-959-2041. Someone should be able to assist you.

What is CERB?

This taxable benefit pays $2,000 every four weeks for up to four months to workers who have lost income as a result to COVID-19. CERB is available from March 15 to October 3, and the deadline for applications is December 2, 2020.

You are not eligible if you quit your job voluntarily, or if you have lost your job for reasons other than those related to COVID-19.

To apply for CERB, do I need a Record of Employment (ROE)?

Yes. your ROE will be completed and issued electronically to Service Canada by Payroll once your final pay has been processed. If any leave balances are used, the ROE will be processed after those entitlements have been applied. You would still follow the same instructions above to apply for CERB.



Why can’t I just go on EI?

The Federal government has determined that anyone who is on temporary lay off because of COVID-19 must apply for and go through CERB either through CRA or Service Canada.

Once I receive my first payment, can I assume I will receive my next payment 4 weeks later?

No, the renewal of payments will not be automatic. You must confirm your eligibility for each period for which you apply either online or by phone (1-833-966-2099).

If you are receiving your Benefit through Service Canada you must complete your EI Report Card to confirm your eligibility.  You will receive instructions on this from Service Canada.

If I am on EI CERB, do I need to declare my top up earnings?

Yes, after you complete your application and after that, you will be required to complete bi-weekly reports (online or via an automated telephone system) in order to be paid the CERB benefits.

If I have questions, who should I contact?

If you have questions, please contact Human Resources at RPL. We expect they will be busy with questions, so we suggest that you email them so you get the answers you need as soon as possible. The address is Of course, they may also be available to talk if you prefer. To reach them, email them at and someone from HR will call you back. Please include your phone number in the email.

You can also contact your Union executive at (

When will my pay from RPL stop?

May 31 is the date that the temporary lay off takes effect, or later if indicated in your lay off notice letter.  If you have extra leave balances available and indicated your wish to use them to further delay your lay off, your pay will continue during that period. Please remember that pay for each pay period comes the Friday following the end of the pay period, so, for example, if your lay off is effective May 31, your last full pay will come on June 5th

I have some personal items left at work. Can I arrange to pick them up?

Yes, but it has to happen before your lay off. Talk to your Manager to make arrangements to go into any RPL facility.

Will laid off employees have access to the intranet, email, and Leap/Polaris?

No, you won’t have access to your RPL email address, or other online work tools like the Intranet site, Teams, your work drives, Leap, and other digital tools.

Will laid off employees still have access to Dayforce?

Yes, access to Dayforce will still be available for employees

Will I continue to pay Union dues while laid off?

Union dues will be deducted from any supplementary income received from the Employer.

Will I lose my seniority?

No, you will not lose your seniority.

I am a probationary employee, what happens to my probationary period if I have been laid off?

An employee who is currently in a probationary or trial period will not earn any time or hours credit towards fulfillment of the probationary or trial period during the time of their lay off, nor during the time they were sent home without permission for telework and continued to be paid. Employees will continue serving their probationary or trial period upon return to their position.

Will I continue earning my vacation banks and my personal and family sick leave banks when I am on lay off?

No, but your entitlement banks will be waiting for you when you return to work, with adjustments made to the granted amounts to account for the time of lay off.

Can I remain in contact with my co-workers?

Absolutely – we encourage all employees, regardless of their employment status, to remain connected during these difficult times.

Will I have access to Employee Family Assistance Providers?

Yes, all employees, including those who don’t have access to our group benefits, will be provided with access to EFAP for the time being as we face the challenges brought on by COVID-19. Information also available on the Human Resources page on the Intranet under Benefits

Will laid off employees still have access to the weekly mental health sessions?

Yes.  The link to these Zoom sessions will be sent to employees’ personal email addresses.



Mental and emotional wellbeing

How can I contact RPL’s Employee and Family Assistance counsellors?

Counselling services are available by telephone.

RPL’s Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) service providers are available to provide confidential counselling services by telephone.  When contacting the service provider, staff are only required to indicate they’re an employee of Regina Public Library and the library will be invoiced directly.

HR and Staffing

How do I reach my manager if my situation changes or I need further information?

Managers will continue to work throughout this time and will be available to staff either by email or cell phone.