Good and Welfare Fund

Good and Welfare Fund for CUPE 1594 – Terms of Reference


The Fund is intended to exclusively benefit members of the Local in direct and indirect ways as follows:

1. Members of the Local who suffer a personal adversity which may result in significant financial hardship may receive a cash benefit from the Fund.

Examples may be loss of salary due to prolonged illness or loss of personal property due to a mishap such as a fire.

2. Members as a whole may benefit from public relations and defense campaigns. This may include special short term assessments or levies. This Fund is not to be used for any regular operating expenses of the Local.

Financial management

This Fund is financed entirely by the premium reduction of the Employment Insurance Program. It is kept as a separate fund from all other union accounts. The Secretary-Treasurer of the Local is required to keep a detailed account of this Fund and is required to oversee its growth in a prudent manner.


Any member of the Local in good standing may make a motion at a membership meeting regarding a use of this Fund. All expenditures from this Fund shall be made following a notice of motion at a membership meeting including a thorough discussion and a vote in favour by a majority of members present at a successive meeting.

The terms of reference shall be changed as a part of a revision of the Bylaws.

2017-2018 Committee Members are:  Debbi-Lynn B., Karen L.

Application Form for Good and Welfare Fund